Reviewing the Top AI Financial Planning Software of 2024

Discover the top AI financial planning software of 2024. Enhance accuracy, efficiency, and strategic growth with cutting-edge AI solutions.
Reviewing the Top AI Financial Planning Software of 2024


AI financial planning software is transforming the way businesses handle their finances, combining the power of artificial intelligence with financial planning to improve efficiency and accuracy. In 2024, AI in finance is set to bring even more exciting trends and capabilities.

If you’re looking for the best AI financial planning software for 2024, here's a quick rundown:

  1. FP Alpha: Advanced document analysis and tailored financial recommendations.
  2. Conquest Planning: Offers personalized advice with digital assistants and cash flow projections.
  3. Sales Cloud Einstein: Enhances customer data insights, lead prioritization, and sales efficiency.
  4. Adobe Marketo Exchange: Focuses on marketing automation and predictive audience segmentation.
  5. Hubspot AI Sales Hub: Improves sales engagement and integrates seamlessly with CRM systems.

AI is revolutionizing financial planning by automating routine tasks and providing deep insights based on vast amounts of data. This tech-driven approach helps organizations move beyond historical reporting and into predictive analytics, ensuring they stay competitive and can adapt to changing market conditions.

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Top AI Financial Planning Software of 2024

FP Alpha

FP Alpha is an AI-driven platform that elevates financial advisory services by automating client document analysis. Within minutes of uploading financial records, FP Alpha generates a detailed breakdown, offering tailored recommendations and highlighting growth opportunities and challenges. This allows financial planners to provide well-informed, personalized, and practical advice to their clients. FP Alpha complements existing financial planning technology, offering advanced planning capabilities across 16 disciplines.

Conquest Planning

Conquest Planning leverages advanced technology to deliver personalized financial advice through its digital assistant, SAM. By analyzing clients' history, data, and business objectives, SAM crafts detailed financial strategies, including cash flow projections and income tax implications. The platform integrates seamlessly with current systems for consistent data management and automates regulatory adherence, ensuring compliance. This makes it easier for advisors to prioritize potential strategies for their clients.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein by Salesforce enhances the efficiency of the sales cycle by transforming customer data into actionable insights. It prioritizes leads and opportunities, making it easier to close deals. Key features include Einstein Lead and Opportunity Scoring, which identifies high-potential prospects, and Einstein Automated Contacts for efficient contact management. The platform also offers engagement tracking through Einstein Opportunity Insights, providing accurate sales forecasting.

Adobe Marketo Exchange

Adobe Marketo Exchange is a B2B marketing automation solution that improves collaboration between sales and marketing teams. It uses AI to optimize marketing efforts and lead management through predictive audience segmentation. The platform nurtures leads, personalizes content across multiple channels, and tracks every customer interaction. With tools like Adobe Sensei GenAI, it prepares sales agents with conversation summaries via chatbots, enhancing personalized and efficient engagements.

Hubspot AI Sales Hub

Hubspot’s AI-powered Sales Hub software boosts sales pipeline management and internal productivity. It features tools for sales engagement, such as email and call-tracking capabilities, and lead and prospect management. The platform also includes deal management, analytics, and payment tools, focusing on quality interactions. Hubspot AI Sales Hub integrates seamlessly with Hubspot’s CRM and other software solutions, making it a scalable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Each of these AI financial planning software solutions offers unique features that cater to diverse organizational needs, from document analysis and tailored recommendations to marketing automation and sales engagement. This allows businesses to optimize their financial planning processes and drive strategic growth.

Next, we'll delve into the benefits of AI financial planning software, exploring how these tools enhance efficiency, accuracy, and strategic growth.

Benefits of AI Financial Planning Software

AI financial planning software offers a host of benefits that can transform how businesses manage their finances. Here are some key advantages:


One of the most significant benefits of AI financial planning software is its ability to automate time-consuming tasks. For example, FP Alpha automates client document analysis, saving financial advisors countless hours. This allows them to focus on providing personalized advice rather than getting bogged down in paperwork.

Similarly, Conquest Planning leverages advanced technology to automate regulatory adherence and data management, making the entire financial planning process more streamlined and efficient.


AI-driven tools enhance accuracy by reducing human error. Sales Cloud Einstein uses machine learning to transform customer data into actionable insights, ensuring that financial forecasts and reports are precise. By automating repetitive tasks, AI minimizes the risk of mistakes that can occur with manual data entry.

Strategic Growth

AI financial planning software supports strategic growth by providing deep insights into financial data. OnePlan is particularly effective in this area, offering visual reporting and analytics to deliver new business insights. These insights help businesses make informed decisions that drive growth and improve financial performance.

Market Research

AI tools excel at analyzing vast amounts of data to provide market research insights. Adobe Marketo Exchange uses predictive audience segmentation to help businesses understand their target market better. This allows companies to tailor their financial strategies to meet market demands, enhancing their competitive edge.


Automation is a core feature of AI financial planning software. Tools like Sales Cloud Einstein and Adobe Marketo Exchange automate lead management and marketing efforts, freeing up time for financial advisors to focus on strategic activities. This automation leads to improved efficiency and allows businesses to scale their operations without a proportional increase in workload.

In summary, AI financial planning software offers numerous benefits that enhance efficiency, accuracy, strategic growth, market research, and automation. These tools empower businesses to optimize their financial processes and achieve better outcomes.

Next, we'll explore the key features to look for in AI financial planning software, including forecasting accuracy, real-time insights, and data security.

Key Features to Look for in AI Financial Planning Software

When choosing AI financial planning software, consider features that will provide the most value to your business. Here are the key features to look for:

Forecasting Accuracy

Accurate forecasting is the backbone of financial planning. Tools like Anaplan PlanIQ excel in this area by leveraging historical data to create unbiased projections. This ensures your forecasts are data-driven and reliable. With PlanIQ, you can analyze up to three types of data simultaneously, enhancing the precision of your forecasts.

Real-Time Insights

Real-time insights help you make informed decisions quickly. Workday Adaptive Planning integrates machine learning directly into its data store, allowing for faster and more adaptive modeling. This means you get up-to-the-minute insights without the lag time associated with data transfers.

Error Detection

Spotting and correcting errors before they become problems is crucial. Planful’s Predict: Signals focuses on identifying mistakes in data, formulas, and financial predictions. It flags these errors for review, reducing the risk of human error in your projections and reports.

Data Security

Data security is non-negotiable. AI financial planning tools must ensure that your sensitive financial data is protected. While the research didn't highlight specific security features of the tools mentioned, it's important to choose software that complies with industry standards and regulations to safeguard your data.

Custom Visuals

Custom visuals can make complex data easier to understand. Tools like Cube offer customizable dashboards and one-click drill-downs, allowing you to visualize your financial data in a way that makes sense for your business. This feature helps in presenting data clearly to stakeholders and making informed decisions.

By focusing on these key features, you can choose an AI financial planning software that meets your specific needs and enhances your financial planning process. Next, we’ll dive into how AI is transforming financial planning.

How AI is Transforming Financial Planning

AI is revolutionizing financial planning in several key ways. Let’s break down how AI impacts historical data analysis, predictive analytics, customer behavior insights, and market trends.

Historical Data Analysis

AI excels at analyzing vast amounts of historical financial data. Traditional methods often involved manual data entry and analysis, which were time-consuming and prone to errors. AI automates this process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

For example, OneStream unifies financial and operational data, making it easier to analyze past trends. This allows finance teams to move beyond just reporting what happened and start understanding why it happened.

Predictive Analytics

AI-powered predictive analytics is a game-changer. By examining historical data patterns, AI can forecast future trends with high accuracy. This helps businesses make informed decisions.

Planful, for instance, uses AI to accelerate process cycles and boost productivity. By leveraging machine learning, it provides more accurate forecasts, helping companies plan better for the future.

Customer Behavior Insights

Understanding customer behavior is crucial for financial planning. AI can analyze customer purchase history, behavior, and preferences to provide valuable insights.

Hubspot AI Sales Hub is an excellent example. It uses AI to track customer interactions, manage leads, and predict sales outcomes. This helps businesses tailor their financial strategies to meet customer needs, ultimately driving revenue and satisfaction.

AI can also predict market trends by analyzing vast amounts of data from various sources. This is particularly useful in volatile markets where quick adjustments are necessary.

Board offers intelligent planning solutions that analyze market trends, helping FP&A teams stay ahead of the curve. By understanding market dynamics, businesses can adjust their strategies to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks.

AI is transforming financial planning by making it more efficient, accurate, and strategic. By leveraging AI for historical data analysis, predictive analytics, customer behavior insights, and market trends, businesses can plan with confidence and stay competitive.

Next, we'll explore some frequently asked questions about AI financial planning software.

Frequently Asked Questions about AI Financial Planning Software

What is the best AI tool for finance?

When it comes to the best AI financial planning software, several tools stand out. NetSuite Text Enhance is a top choice for businesses looking to streamline their financial processes. This tool integrates seamlessly with other systems, offering enhanced text analysis and data extraction, which can save time and reduce errors in financial reporting.

Booke AI is another excellent option, particularly for small businesses. It offers automated bookkeeping and financial management, making it easier for businesses to keep their finances in order without the need for extensive manual input.

Vic AI is known for its advanced machine learning capabilities. It focuses on automating accounts payable processes, reducing manual data entry, and improving accuracy. Vic AI integrates well with ERP systems, making it a versatile choice for businesses looking to enhance their financial operations.

What is the AI that gives financial advice?

Generative AI is revolutionizing the way financial advice is delivered. Tools like FP Alpha and Conquest Planning use generative AI to analyze client data and provide personalized financial advice. These tools can consider a client’s history, goals, and market conditions to offer customized guidance.

For instance, FP Alpha uses AI to analyze client documents and provide tailored recommendations, while Conquest Planning employs a digital assistant named SAM to deliver detailed financial strategies. These tools help advisors create more personalized and effective financial plans for their clients.

What is the AI tool for financial calculations?

When it comes to financial calculations, Stampli is a leading AI tool. It specializes in automating accounts payable processes, integrating seamlessly with ERP systems to streamline invoice management and approval workflows. Stampli’s AI capabilities help businesses reduce manual entry errors and improve the efficiency of their financial operations.

By leveraging these AI tools, businesses can enhance their financial planning, improve accuracy, and save valuable time. Whether it's for bookkeeping, personalized financial advice, or accounts payable automation, AI-driven solutions are transforming the financial landscape.

Next, we'll look at how AI is transforming financial planning by analyzing historical data, providing predictive analytics, and offering insights into customer behavior and market trends.


As we wrap up our review of the top AI financial planning software of 2024, it's clear that the landscape of financial planning is undergoing a significant transformation. The integration of AI technology is not just a trend but a necessity for financial advisors aiming to stay competitive and provide top-notch services to their clients.

Russell Rosario, CPA, Co-founder at Profit Leap, is at the forefront of this transformation. With a focus on strategy, financial efficiency, and profitability, Russell and his team help businesses leverage cutting-edge technologies to achieve their goals.


At Profit Leap, we believe that a solid strategy is the cornerstone of financial success. By incorporating AI tools into our financial planning processes, we can offer more precise and actionable insights. Whether it's through FP Alpha's document analysis or Hubspot's AI Sales Hub for optimizing sales pipelines, these tools help us craft strategies that are both data-driven and client-focused.

Financial Efficiency

Efficiency is another critical area where AI shines. Tools like Conquest Planning and Adobe Marketo Exchange automate time-consuming tasks such as cash flow projections and marketing automation. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human error, allowing us to focus on more strategic activities.


Profitability is the ultimate goal for any business, and AI-driven financial planning software plays a significant role in achieving it. By providing real-time insights and predictive analytics, these tools help us identify growth opportunities and make informed decisions. For example, using Sales Cloud Einstein, we can prioritize leads more effectively, improving sales efficiency and, ultimately, profitability.

Technology-Driven Approach

Our technology-driven approach ensures that we stay ahead of the curve. By continuously monitoring market trends and leveraging advanced analytics, we provide our clients with the most up-to-date and relevant financial advice. This proactive problem-solving approach ensures that your firm remains agile and competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

In conclusion, AI financial planning software is revolutionizing the way we approach financial management. At Profit Leap, we are committed to helping your business navigate this new landscape with confidence and expertise. If you're ready to take your financial planning to the next level, let's talk!

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