Russell Rosario

Senior accountant with advanced technology-based skill set. Expertise in optimizing accounting systems and automating operations. CPA candidate expecting licensure ~ August 2020. Full stack developer with over 30 certifications.

Owner of TopCofounder, a virtual CFO service. In addition to full service accounting, we partnered with marketing and dev shops to offer a unique “Startup as a Service” model to angel investors. We offer equity in the startups we build on a monthly subscription basis. More details here.


A collection of secrets I decided to make public

April 2020 - Did coronavirus come from a lab?

After reading hundreds of scientific papers, I have potentially found the smoking gun.

March 2020 - Virtual CFO

Update to TopCofounder

February 2020 - BEC section completed

Next up is FAR

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Some things that keep me up late at night


TopCofounder is developing a business model to help angel investors build startups quickly while minimizing capital requirements.

Medico Solutions

Medico Solutions is a healthcare staffing and placement firm focused on swift and unmatched service to our practitioners and healthcare facilities.


My collection of software engineering notes published for the benefit of my students at University of Miami's coding bootcamp. Over 140 stars on Github!

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