New job

May 2020

I began following the Coronavirus after China shut down Wuhan province in January. What made that significant to me was that the Chinese new year celebration would be cancelled or postponed. Apparently that festival is a big deal. It also had to be serious given that shutting down Wuhan would have been a huge economic burden for the country. To make matters worse, there was little data at the time about the virus’ severity. So I continued to watch their reports from a far. Even though I don’t trust much of the data coming out of China, the death and case numbers continued to grow exponentially. At worst, they would be under-reporting.

As the virus spread to other countries, scientific data began to come out. I became less pessimistic. It was clear the virus had an impressive ability to spread, but the fatality rate was relatively low compared to SARS and MERS. In addition, it targeted the elderly population with underlying medical conditions. Around the same time, the stock market began its collapse. In February I was hearing the media compare the virus to the flu and a month later the entire country went into full panic mode. My fear has been perfectly inversely correlated with the rest of the country 🤔.

Regardless of my opinion, the economy looked doomed as the entire country was ordered to shelter-in-place. I had originally expected to begin my job search in the summer after I had passed all 4 parts of the exam. Unfortunately, the economic downturn forced me to expedite the job search as millions of people applied for unemployment benefits. In addition, the testing centers for the CPA exam all shut down.

In a month, I got 3 job offers. Each offer was for a completely different position: analyst, accountant, developer. I’ve been working non-stop for the last 6 years and I finally feel like it has paid off. In a time when jobs are being eliminated en masse, I was able to demonstrate my ability to contribute in a variety of ways to different companies 😃.