TopCofounder - Startup as a Service

October 2019

My company, TopCofounder, helps angel investors validate business ideas and launch startups quickly with minimal initial capital requirements. Introducing a new and unique “Startup as a Service” model that offers equity on a monthly subscription basis, reducing overall risk without compromising on returns. Launch a startup for as little as $10k per month with no commitment.

TopCofounder utilizes a startup studio business model optimized for testing initial hypotheses, building prototypes, and automating digital marketing. Using a combination of in-house resources and external agencies, we support anything from simple mobile applications to complex platform solutions. Our collection of entrepreneurs consists of over 100 members from Mensa, the high IQ society. See the group here.


  1. Partner - Collaborate with angel investors wanting to validate potential business ventures.
  2. Ideate - Duplicate already successful business models, enabling early focus on execution before strategy.
  3. Validate - Create a brand and landing page to collect emails, send survey questions, and gauge interest.
  4. Convert - Engage prospects and convert leads into future customers before building the product.
  5. Recycle - Reuse code from previous projects to quickly deliver early prototype.
  6. Iterate - Build new versions of prototype monthly until product-market fit has been achieved.
  7. Market - Use inbound content alongside bots, scrapers, and other automated marketing tools.
  8. Recruit - Bring on members from Mensa, the high IQ society, to expand team.
  9. Scale - Seek additional fundraising opportunities to accelerate growth.