A collection of secrets I decided to make public

May 2020 - New job

The Coronavirus prompted me to expedite my job search

April 2020 - Did coronavirus come from a lab?

After reading hundreds of scientific papers, I have potentially found the smoking gun.

March 2020 - Virtual CFO

Update to TopCofounder

February 2020 - BEC section completed

Next up is FAR

January 2020 - Studying for CPA exam

Application to sit for CPA exam has been approved and now full speed ahead!

December 2019 - Fasting, zero carb, & one meal a day

Trying out my own protocol for optimal health

November 2019 - Medico Solutions

I cofounded a new company

October 2019 - TopCofounder - Startup as a Service

A new approach to launching startups

September 2019 - Working towards CPA license

Going back to school and studying for the CPA exam

August 2019 - Applying to over 800 positions

The results of my month long job application process

July 2019 - The 1 person startup studio

Reducing the initial capital requirement for startups from $250k-$500k to under $100k

June 2019 - Learning Google Cloud

Google cloud is so much better than AWS!

May 2019 - Fractional Executive

TopCofounder - Startup as a Service with fractional CEOs

April 2019 - Startup studios

An improved approach to the lean startup and company building

March 2019 - Teaching Full Stack Development

I start a new position as a teaching assistant at University of Miami's coding bootcamp.

February 2019 - Entrepreneur in residence podcast

My first appearance on a published podcast! On the EIR podcast I talk about working as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lab Ventures.

January 2019 - Startup Consulting

I'm consulting with some exciting technology companies.

December 2018 - Ten month coding hiatus

My journey from novice to full stack developer.

November 2018 - Diving into Miami's startup scene

A summary of my time with Kitchen Concepts & Travelastic.

October 2018 - A viral philosopher

Following in the footsteps of Ayn Rand, Nietzsche, and Bruce Lee

September 2018 - TopCofounder

I am launching a new company called TopCofounder!

August 2018 - Mensa Annual Gathering

My involvement and experience with Mensa, the High IQ society

July 2018 - I'm a full stack developer!

Goodbye to University of Miami's coding bootcamp 🎓🎉